Nintendo needs to rerelease GBA similar to what they did with the NES and SNES Mini. I can play it in an afternoon and have an absolute blast. I also love the twist in the final chapter, and how that shakes up the gameplay. It definitely has my favorite last half-hour or so of any Metroid game. Holy cow, just looking at the last few games on this list reminds me how great the Pokemon Emerald GBA library is. Fair list, too many incredible games.

  • It includes all kinds of essential features including turbo buttons, high game compatibility, and both on-screen controls and hardware keyboards.
  • The website is quite a popular name in the category of ROM download sites and has a massive collection of classic game consoles and legendary emulators.
  • In some cases, you might not have a TV that works with the console anymore.

To restore an edited save back to the cartridge, click «R» until the «Save Backup» section changes to «Save Restore».. Unzip/rar the file and just dump it all on the microSD card. Remove the card from your computer, insert it into the Flash Card and fire it up to see if it works.

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A treat for all gamers, this website is among the safe ROM sites that are absolutely free from any kind of malware or viruses. ROMspedia is like a functional encyclopedia of ROM files that are available to get downloaded with no hassle. One of the coolest features of this trustworthy ROM site is that you as a user can find the original artwork of any game on the very homepage of this web-based platform. The next ROM site on the list is Retrosic.

Several online sites do exist that offer GBA ROMs for download, but you’ll have to find these yourself. These emulators provide you with the typical GBA gameplay experience, adding new features and graphics enhancements along the way. Offering the best mix of stability, active development, and impressive graphics and audio is the mGBA emulator.


Programs like Marat Fayzullin’s iNES, VirtualGameBoy, Pasofami , Super Pasofami , and VSMC were the most popular console emulators of this era. A curiosity was also Yuji Naka’s unreleased NES emulator for the Genesis, possibly marking the first instance of a software emulator running on a console. Have you ever heard of abandonware websites? This can sound a bit solemn, like ship graveyard or something like that, but, in fact, abandonware websites can be quite fun. They are online resources distributing various software pieces, retro classics, in particular, that have been discontinued or simple abandoned by their developers. Such sites help preserve the vast legacy of video games that have almost sunk into oblivion. has more content than anyone else to help you win all Game Boy Advance games! Choose the starting letter for the Game Boy Advance game you’re looking for, or browse our most. Download the GBA Exploader software from the site in Resources. Double-click the downloaded file to unzip it. The R4 media cartridge for Nintendo DS allows users to download and run a host of amateur-developed games and software on the system. In addition to software designed for Nintendo DS, the cartridge can also run games and software developed for Nintendo’s previous system, the Game Boy Advance.