Simply, hold down the Windows key and the Left/Right arrow key. The current window will automatically take half of your screen perfectly. In Windows 10 site oficial, Microsoft tightened up the snapping mechanism and expanded its functionality. Even Windows 11 does the same, but with added productivity-first features like Snap Layouts.

  • All in all, Windows 11’s design is balanced.
  • But for all other scenarios, Safe Mode can help the average user debug the issue at hand.
  • This is an excellent game recording tool compatible with all Windows versions.

Choose App Management, Click «Start» to securely uninstall your apps and repair your damaged apps. You can also use CCleaner, Store Applications Manager, or AppBuster to uninstall multiple Windows Store apps at once in Windows 11/10. Our freeware 10AppsManager will let you easily uninstall and reinstall Windows Store apps. Windows Store Apps Uninstaller is another PowerShell app available in the Technet Gallery.

How do I get Windows 11?

The split screen experience on Android 10 or above is helpful when you need to work on more than one app at a time. While you can use the feature on smaller devices, the best experience is on a phone with a lot of screen real estate. To change the monitors’ position, click, drag, and place the blue, numbered boxes to your preferred position. If you are unsure which monitor is «1» or «2,» click the «Identify» link. The assigned monitor number will then appear on each monitor’s screen. If you have other apps open, then you will see several options to fill the other side of the screen.

Once you complete the steps, the application will be removed from your computer. Windows 10 includes at least sevent ways to uninstall apps using Settings, Start menu, Control Panel, WinGet, PowerShell, and CMD, and here’s how to use them all. There you can either search for the app to uninstall or scroll down and find the one you want to remove. Then click the Options button to the app’s left and then click Uninstall. You can also go directly into the Settings app to uninstall apps. Click the Start button and then click Settings.

Built In Screen Recording Software for Surface

Here, the most relevant options for booting in Safe Mode are numbers 4, 5, or 6. Press one of the above numbers or function keys F4, F5, or F6. Click on the Start menu and go to the power option. Click on the power option, and you will see multiple options such as sleep, hibernate, shutdown, and restart.

How to record your screen in Windows 11/10

Once done, it’s time to pick from InVideo’s in-built collection of music across moods, genres, sfx and more from the music icon located on the left of the screen. Alternatively, if you’d like to add your own music to this project, simply click on the Upload music option on the right of the search bar to upload files from your system. Once you have finished recording your video, they are saved by default to the Camera Roll folder.

There, click on “Screen Settings”, then scroll the entire resolution bar to the right and press “OK” to confirm your choice. This should restore the screen to its correct size. If you’d like to move one window to the other side, again hold down the Win key and press the Left/Right arrow key.